Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Grab Bag - Online Tools #3

The first two Master of Dungeons articles on online tools were incredibly popular, so here is number three. All of these tools are ones that I use personally, and think are really bitchin'.

You should also check out the first and second blog posts if you haven't already. Now on with the show!

Total Party Kill's Random Dungeon With X Rooms Generator

This generator is super awesome. Simply enter the number of rooms you need, and the generator spits out a basic description of each room. If you play dungeons like I do, you may not require a full drawing of the room, or you may have a map but need something interesting to happen in an empty room to keep your players interested.

You could also run it with 8,12,20, or 100 rooms and use it as a roll table.  

You should also check out the blog this is from: Save vs. Total Party Kill

ENWORLD - Instant NPC Generators

Enworld has two good 5e NPC generators that I use when I need to have some quick NPCS but don't feel like being creative. (You should really never have this problem, since you can check out the Friday NPC of the week here are Master of Dungeons, like Brother Tiggin). I still find them useful when players delve deeper into the history of a random NPC than I expected, or start asking a lot of questions about the faceless, nameless innkeeper.

There are two generators, the first (which you can find HERE) is more basic, showing a basic one line description of your NPC. This would also be a good generator to use if you needed an idea of what kind of character to build.

The other generator (found HERE) provides the same information as the last one, but then goes further and gives a little more detail about the personality and history of the character. This can be great for inspiration, although is a tad formulaic.

TableTopping - 5e Premade Characters

This tool (available HERE) I personally use all of the time. It contains an adventurers league legal full character for each class type (including subclasses) for each level! Each level from 1-20 contains a perfect character sheet for you to bring to a last minute game.

I carry around dozens of these in my D&D box so that if anyone wants to join a game last minute, or there is any chance of an impromptu game, I can let someone pick a character without having to build one from scratch.

Its amazing that these characters are at any level, and every class type. That means that you don't have to start every game at level 1 if you don't want to, if you have someone who wants to try out D&D just for one night, why not work them into your game with a new character? The only flaw I could possibly think of is that the race of the character might not match up with what you want to play, (For example, I personally hate the dragonborn race and don't tend to allow it in my games, but some of the classes are only built as a dragonborn.) but this is hardly a major issue, simply remove any race characteristics, and fix the modifiers and you have a perfect character of a different race.

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