Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Quick Tip - Try Other RPGs

I know this blog tends to be a little D&D focused, but for today's Tuesday Quick Tip I'd like to take a moment to discuss the fact that other RPGs exist. Many of them are fantastic too!

In the coming weeks I will have some RPG reviews coming up for indie systems that aren't rooted in D&D, since this is a blog about becoming an amazing DM (often referred to as GM in non-D&D RPGs) I will now discuss why you should give other RPGs a chance.

The main reason, besides mixing things up, and just being super fun, is that it flexes your Master of Dungeons muscles, you get put in different situations that help you to grow as a DM. The different rules will allow for a greater understanding of the rules you normally play with, and they might inspire you to adapt your own homebrew rules to your table.

Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder really dominate the RPG landscape, but there is a fantastic place you can go to find other RPGs, as well as supplements and adventures for D&D, DriveThruRPG. There you can get print or PDF versions of a variety of books, including indie RPGs, and adventures.

But to help convince you, I'm going to share a list of simple One Page RPGs that reddit user /u/SkinnyGhost compiled. (Original link here). These RPGs are quick to learn, and short on rules. They are great for practicing your improv skills, and learning a new RPG is always a blast. These may not be the best games for a multi-year campaign, but for a one-shot with a random group of friends, they'd be a great introduction to the world of tabletop role-playing.

 Everyone is John

 Lasers & Feelings

Scrolls & Swords 


Doctor Magnethands

Big Mutherfuckin' Crab Truckers