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Thursday Quick Adventure - Wizard's Tower Floor 1

Welcome to the first real section of the Wizard's tower, the first ongoing adventure by the Master Of Dungeons blog. This adventure will have the players scaling a large tower, that they first encountered in the introduction (you should check it out if you haven't already).

The map was generated using the amazing generator at DonJon. I edited it in paint, took out some rooms and changed the numbers and such around. All of the encounters are original, not the generator however.

This adventure is designed for 3-6 Level 1 adventurers, using Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition rules, but it could easily be adapted to any system. At the end of this adventure your players will likely be level 2, and if you use milestone achievement you should level them up.

Feel free to increase or decrease the difficulty, based on number of players or player skill. You are the Master of Dungeons, these are just ideas and inspiration. Let me know if you have any questions or comments either on social media (Google PlusFacebook, and Twitter) or email me at

MM stands for Monster Manual, I've included a purchase link here and at the bottom of the page.

Map generated using tools at

Room 1 - Reception

Monsters: 2 Goblins (CR: 1/4 XP: 50 MM: p. 166) Total XP: 100

Treasure: n/a

This room has four hall ways leading off of it, serving as the main hub of the labyrinth of the first floor of the wizard's tower. Two goblins were alerted to guard the door by the goblin carrying the young girl, but if the players take too long then they quickly get bored, going back to their favourite idle-hobbies, nose-picking and attempting to juggle. If they see anyone attempt to enter the room they will attack on sight, saying no one is supposed to be here. Unfortunately for them, neither of them is smart enough to shout for help.

Room 2 - Meat locker

Monsters: 7 Ponies (CR: 1/8 XP: 25 MM: p. 335) Total XP: n/a

Treasure: n/a

This room is kept private with a flimsy lock, from both sides. To pick the lock is a DC 8 Lockpicking check, it is also made of fairly flimsy wood that could be broken down fairly easily. Within the room are 7 small ponies, used for food by the bugbear in Room 3. The ponies are docile, but visibly afraid. If the players free the ponies, two of them will stay in the woods near to the tower, willing to help by carrying supplies or small humanoids. In the corner of the room is a small stage that looks to be built for children's puppet shows.

Room 3 - Kitchen

Monsters: 1 Bugbear (CR: 1 XP: 200 MM: 33) Total XP: 200

Treasure: 22 sp, 3 gp, polished "Tony" puppet.

A large, angry bugbear thinks himself the chef of the first floor, and none of the others are brave enough to suggest otherwise, regardless of the bugbear's lack of culinary ability. He absolutely despises anyone entering his kitchen, anyone except for Tony, his prized possession and best friend. Tony is a small, polished wooden puppet, once a popular toy among noble children in a nearby city. The bugbear somehow found himself with the toy, talking to it as he cooks. He will defend his kitchen violently, but he will defend Tony to the death. The coins are sitting in a coin purse, next to the puppet.

Room 4 - The Dining Hall

Monsters: 6 Drunk Goblins (CR: 1/4 XP: 50/2 =25  MM: p. 166) Total XP: 150

Treasure: 10 bottles of assorted cheap wine (5 cp each)

Six drunk goblins are alternating drinking cheap wine and attempting to stomach the chef's mystery meat. The goblins are drunk, so all of their attacks are done with disadvantage, as well, they are so ill-prepared for combat that even if the players walk in and talk to them, they will still be surprised by combat (Missing their first turn). These goblins award half XP (reflected in the totals above), since they are so inept. If he hasn't been dealt with already, after four rounds of combat the bugbear from room 3 enters with a plate of food. If he sees fighting he shouts at the goblins, sobering them up (and removing their drunken disadvantage and returning their XP to normal), before joining the fight.

Room 5 - Sleeping Quarters

Monsters: 3 Goblins (CR: 1/4 XP: 50 MM: p.166)
                 2 Kobolds (CR: 1/8 XP: 25 MM: p.195) Total XP: 200

Treasure: Lessiroth's Amulet of Beauty Sleep

Two goblins and two kobolds lie sleeping in bunk beds, in a row filled with a large number of beds, stacked three high. One goblin is sitting awake at a table, sharpening his sword. If the awake goblin notices anything out of the ordinary he shouts the others awake, or if he is killed too loudly.  One of the goblins will not wake under any condition. He has a beautiful amulet around his neck. Upon inspection it is noticed that the goblin has none of the normal warts and scrapes that are normal for goblins, and looks incredibly youthful. The amulet falls off the goblin if he is killed, but otherwise will not come off. The amulet is Lessiroth's Amulet of Beauty Sleep, and if it is removed the goblin's body will age into an incredibly old and gray version of his former self.

Room 6 - Rec Room

Monsters: 2 Hobgoblins (CR: 1/2 XP: 100 MM: p. 186) Total XP: 200

Treasure: n/a

Two hobgoblins are sitting on a moldy looking sofa, arguing about whether little girls can be eaten. They know nothing about any girls brought into the building, other than a goblin named Gripp was seen bringing one into the building, and they weren't allowed to eat her. They don't know why she was brought to the tower, just that she was brought upstairs. The sofa is facing away from the doors, but they eventually notice anyone in the room and, upset at the earlier missed opportunity for a meal, try to kill and eat them.

Room 7 - Abandoned Crypt

Monsters : 3 Skeletons (CR: 1/4 XP: 50 MM: p. 272)
                  1 Goblin (CR: 1/4 XP: 50 MM: p. 166) Total XP: 200

Treasure: 2 Health Potions

Three skeletons lie around the room. A frightened goblin is tiptoeing around the skeletons, late for dinner in Room 4, when he eventually notices the party (unless they are sneaking). When the goblin notices that players he lets out a blood-curdling scream. The drunk goblins in Room 4 are too preoccupied to notice, however the three skeletons in the room take notice, rising from their  rest to attack anyone within reach. The skeletons will attack whoever is closest without discrimination, the goblin included. One of the skeletons has two health potions stuck in his rib cage.

Room 8 - Mirror Room

Monsters: n/a

Treasure: n/a

This room is coated on every surface: walls, floor, ceiling, and doors with mirrors. Despite the decrepit, old appearance of the rest of the tower, the mirrors in this room are in perfect condition. It is quite disturbing, but doesn't appear to be dangerous.

Room 9 - Stairs to Second Floor

Monsters: n/a

Treasure: n/a

This room is empty. A door in the south side of the room leads to a staircase to the second floor. The door is locked, but the door knob is sentient. The door knob is happy to see some friendly faces, being quite unhappy with the rough sort of creatures who have made this place their home of late. He isn't very knowledgeable about the tower, saying that "Nobody ever explains what's going on to the door knob", although he did notice a crying girl carried by a goblin go up the stairs. He would definitely like to help the adventurers to save the girl, but he can't open unless they have the key. He says there are a few keys carried by different dangerous looking people, but he knows that a map exists to a backup key in the map room on the west side of the building.

Room 10 - Map Room

Monsters: 1 Bugbear (CR: 1 XP: 200 MM: 33) Total XP: 200

Treasure: Map to the Backup Key to the second floor.

A bugbear is looking through the many piles of maps in this room, giggling to himself. The bugbear likes to come in here while others are busy to pretend to be an adventurer in a faraway land. He gets embarrassed if watched, and tries to kill any witnesses. In the center of the room is a large map with the title IN CASE 2ND FLOOR KEY IS LOST.

Room 11 - Library

Monsters: n/a

Treasure: 2 Spell Scrolls (Level 1) Sleep and Thunderwave

The library somehow seems unappealing to the residents of this floor. The room is filled with a thick layer of dust. Some of the books appear to have bite marks in them. If the books are flipped through for any amount of time, it is likely the players will notice two spell scrolls (listed above), stuck in one of the books.

Hallway A

This long winding staircase is locked off by the door to Room 11. The door is locked shut with powerful magic, not opening for anyone without the proper magic key (To make an appearance in a future adventure).

Where to go from here?

The next section of this adventure is up to you. The players need to follow the map to get the key to the second floor. It should be guarded by some monster or enemy, but whoever has it doesn't know what they have. The players should be level 3 before returning to the tower. The Dungeon Master's Guide can help you with creating encounters and daily XP schedules. Make sure to pick up the Monster Manual if you haven't already, and each of your players should have their own Player's Handbook. (Plus if you follow these links you'll help support Master Of Dungeons. 

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