Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday NPC of the Week - Beddel

Beddel is a stingy dwarf barkeep, who owns and runs the notorious Silver Sidewalk Saloon. The good ol' Three-S is famous for being one of the most tourist-friendly, safe bars and inns in the realm. This is the reputation Beddel has promoted himself, paying for a friendly description from tourism books, and long distance carriage drivers. The truth is much different than the propaganda that Beddel pays for, there is likely no place in the realm where tourists are more likely to get robbed, or worse.

Where most dwarves are known for their dedication and hardwork, Beddel is interested in only one thing, money, especially money parted easily from another. He is one of the most skilled con men, always quick with a smile and a reassuring slap on the back, while his other hand is picking your pocket. His favourite target is new adventurers, often travelling for their first time away from their small farming village, with little knowledge of the value of money. The price of ale, or a night's rest can fluctuate from as low as triple the market value, to as high as a fist full of gems of which a naive adventurer didn't understand their true value. Pick-pocketing is a common occurrence in his bar, but the real danger is the ladies in his employ.

If Beddel fails at removing all of the valuables he desires from a customer, or if he is worried that they will become too talkey, ruining the esteemed reputation of his establishment, he will send up one of his ladies of the evening to pay the customer a visit. These ladies are said to be incredibly beautiful, but none who have been paid a visit from them have ever been heard from again to verify. 

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