Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday NPC - Wind Duke Armathagoras

Wind Duke Armathagoras, master of winds, ruler of a million slaves, duke above all other dukes, and first cyclone to touch down at the great siege of the air elementals against the material plane is a wise and powerful djinni. Djinnis, most powerful among air elementals are to be feared and respected normally, but the Wind Duke Armathagoras should be feared and respected above all others. He is constantly increasing his sizable collection of mortal slaves, through trade, spoils of war, raiding parties, and by his own genasi children through his numerous mortal wives.

Many djinni are under his command, and nearly all others greatly respect him. Controlling the largest parts of the elemental plane of air isn't good enough for him, he has conquered certain portions of the plane of steam that exists on the borders of the planes of air and water, and has turned his eyes to the other non-elemental planes.

During a raiding party to capture slaves in the material plane, he was overcome with anger. Armathagoras wanted to increase his realm of control throughout the multiverse, seeing himself almost as a god, but nothing disgusted him as much as the balance of the elements of the material plane. The upper and lower planes seemed to diminish his powers, so he was at a loss. By pure happenstance, a weakness between the planes was opened near his raid, possibly by the powerful gusts of wind that usually accompany him. This manifested itself in a gate to the Feywild.

The whimsical Feywild, ruled by the unpredictable Queen Titania, was the perfect location for him. Strange rules governed the Feywild, making the elements less at peace as they were in the material realm. The native inhabitants, having had no contact with elemental beings were completely powerless against Armathagoras and his invading scourge.

Thus began the war of the Wind Dukes against Queen Titania and the Feywild. The fantastical, nature-loving, sylvan fought valiantly, but they were unable to protect the skies from the air beings from another world. Armathagoras' base of operations in the Feywild is a portal he has created in the center of a titanic storm cloud, high in the sky. The soil and nature disgusts him, and he spends his time scheming with the other Wind Dukes to find a way to obliterate it.