Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday NPC - Ark Tieran

For Ark Tieran, unlike the vast majority of Tieflings, his demonic heritage has had a hugely positive effect on his life. Growing up in the desert, to a very poor mother, in an extremely poor neighborhood, Ark dreamed of nothing more than changing his family's luck and becoming wealthy.

His father, who had been a shapeshifted demon who seduced his mother, was never present in Ark Tieran's early life, as is usually the case in demonic/mortal couplings. Also similarly to the normal tiefling, Ark and his mother faced severe discrimination, making their life even more difficult.

Adolescence was where Ark Tieran's path diverged from the multitude of other impoverished tieflings in the multiverse. He worked harder than any other young man any of the traders had ever worked with, ensuring an apprenticeship position with a successful trader, despite his demonic blood. Ark clearly had a skill for trade, earning his master huge returns, and earning enough money to buy his own caravan, employing many traders (many of them tieflings that he trained himself, having a soft spot for the struggle he had in common with them).

After earning a modest fortune, trader Tieran turned his glowing red eyes to the Lower Planes. Any wizards he encountered in his travels were paid highly for any books, scrolls, or magical artifacts they had that could aid in communication, travel, or just information regarding the demonic planes. After a few years Ark Tieran became an expert on all things demon, even finding his father, a minor demonic lord in charge of trade between the lower planes. His father, previously uninterested in his mortal spawn, took great pride in knowing his seed was so strong that even mortal blood couldn't prevent his heirs rise to glory.

Ark Tieran used his father's connections to become the realms most important contact between the lower, demonic planes, and the mortal, material plane. He possessed countless artifacts that allowed passage and communication between the realms, and was the person to talk to about acquiring demonic artifacts. None of his services came cheaply, mind you, but all of his clients left satisfied. None of the trickery and shady deals that his demonic heritage was known for. He still lives in the desert, although he has portals to many major cities, and he can arrange travel, open or discrete, to the material planes, at least if to any with the small fortune required.