Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Quick Adventure - Wizard's Tower Introduction

The Mysterious Wizard's Tower: Introduction

An Adventure for 5e D&D


The tower is designed as a framing device for all sorts of adventures and fun. Hopefully, many floors will be published for many different levels here on Master Of Dungeons, but, as with all adventures posted here, if you feel inspired to go off in your own direction then go for it!

This post is just an introduction to the tower. Next week the first floor of the dungeon will be posted. As with everything posted at Master of Dungeons, feel free to take this in your own direction, let us know on Google PlusFacebook, and Twitter (and follow us while you're there) how you've run this yourself without waiting for future updates.

I aim to release more updates about this tower, but that doesn't mean that every encounter the players will have will occur inside of the tower. Some keys and relics will need to be sought after in distant lands, experts will need to be found and consulted, you don't want the party to feel confined to the tower. 

These adventure updates will be different than those in the past, as they will include full encounters and maps for the tower, as well as loot, gold, and NPCs. 


The Wizard's tower can be seen from a great distance in every direction. It isn't surprising then that dozens of myths and legends exist about the tower. Some believe that an evil lich resides at the top, others that it is a pathway to the heavens. No one knows the history of the tower, even the best historians of the area are only certain that it is unbelievably ancient.

The tower, while being a popular talking point in the area, hasn't been considered worthy of much attention for centuries. It's location is so far off the beaten trail that no one bothers to approach it, at least no one has returned to talk about it. There are many monsters, villains, dungeons and dragons in the area for adventurers to test their might against, none are willing to risk getting lost in the dense woods

Involving the Party

Your party of adventurers are likely all from within a close enough area to the tower to have grown up seeing it, as it can be seen from so far away. It has been a minor curiosity to many in the area, but one or more party members may have been particularly interested in it. Most people however had to interest in discovering its secrets, as it is so far away in a dense forest, and most believe that it is probably empty anyway.

While minding their own business in a small village, shouting is heard from the distance. A goblin is seen scrambling out of a small crowd, carrying a small human girl of about five years old. The crowd is screaming for someone to save the girl.

If the adventurers are too selfish to take this bait, have the mother offer money, anything to get her daughter back, (although this would reflect very poorly on the party to the villagers). 

The goblin is too agile for any pursuers, having a good head start on the adventurers he ducks and dodges into the dense thicket, easily escaping. Tracking the goblin is easily done, the girl was carrying a big bag of candied peanuts, and either through the clumsy flailing of the goblin, or clever placement by the girl, a clear trail of peanuts goes deep into the forest.

The trail ends abruptly in the center of a fairy ring, a circular arrangement of sparkling mushrooms and pixie dust.

Anyone who steps within the fairy ring, instantly disappears. They reappear in an identical fairy ring, right at the base of the Wizard's Tower. The trail of peanuts continues up the steps and in the front door.

This has been a sort of Teaser Trailer for the Wizard's Tower, a (hopefully) ongoing adventure posted on Thursdays at Master Of Dungeons. To make sure you are kept up to date on the latest posts, make sure to follow us on your Social Media network of choice (Google PlusFacebook, and Twitter). If you'd like to support Master of Dungeons, please click the banner below and buy something awesome, a small amount of the proceeds will go to support this blog!

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