Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Review - Starter Kit

D&D Starter Kit

It has come to my attention that many of you reading this blog haven't started their personal journey to becoming a Master of Dungeons. Many are intimidated by starting out, (obviously not having read the trusty How to DM infographic). Now I don't normally play with published adventures, I like to have the freedom to go off in any direction that I like. But I can't endorse the D&D Starter Kit, that they published last year, enough.

The main tricky thing about starting out as a DM for the first time is learning the rules while simultaneously teaching the rules, and directing the game. The good part about this kit is it does an amazing job of making all three of those difficulties easier. 

Many people think it is a requirement to play Dungeons and Dragons (or any tabletop RPG) as a player first, and then transition to a DM role when you are an expert. I couldn't disagree with this more. Most people play with their friends, and if none of your friends play, it doesn't matter whether you have experience, you should convince them to play by Dungeon Mastering yourself. 

By reading material like this blog it already shows that you are more motivated and knowledgeable than your friends likely are, so take the plunge! Mistakes will be made, but that is just part of the fun. If something you don't know comes along, simply make a ruling, and then write down a note to look up the rule later. If you have any trouble leave me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. (And you should follow me too). 

The D&D Starter Kit comes with premade characters, rules, maps, and a premade adventure. Don't be afraid to go off in your own direction with the adventure but you don't need to. Just focus on having fun and learning the game. If you play this I guarantee that your friends will be begging you for more.

I've linked to the Starter Kit as an Amazon affiliate link to let people support the blog if they are interested. (I put a ton of work into it.) But I completely stand by this product, it is completely worth the money. As of this posting it is on sale on Amazon, and it is normally pretty affordable anyway. If you wouldn't like to support this blog, I still suggest you go to your local game shop and pick one up.