Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday NPC - Mellicent the Mermaid

Mellicent the Mermaid is an NPC from yesterday's adventure inspiration. This stat block takes place after she is discovered to be still alive, hundreds of years later. Kept alive by magical experimentation by the evil mages who captured her tower.

Mellicent, unlike many of the other merfolk who were experimented on, still has most of her good-natured self, however she is much less naive than she once was. She wants peace between the surface dwellers and the merfolk, but she won't shy away from killing the evil if they stand in her way. Those who have stolen her castle for selfish or evil purposes will have a chance to repent, but she will remove them by any means necessary, so that her dreams of peace may start anew.

She is horribly disfigured, her mutations making her appear as an abomination to both merfolk and humans. The mutations have caused all sorts of powers, including the ability to cast spells innately, and most importantly, to swim through the air as if it was water.

If Mellicent were to have any descendants, they would be born with the Air like Water special ability.