Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Non-Combat Magical Item #4 - Assorted

This week the newest entry in the Non-Combat Magical Item series will contain two smaller entries. These aren't big exciting items, but they definitely spice up the campaign world, while keeping combat balanced. As always these are system agnostic, but really fit well into 5th edition, because of bounded accuracy, and how easy it is to unbalance your combat.

Elven Moonlit Wedding Platter

Wondrous item, uncommon

This platter is commonly given  as a wedding present among wood elves. When placed in direct moonlight the plate will be magically filled with food. Each plate has a different magical food that it summons, dessert, fruit, meat and cheese are all very common. In fact, wood elves rarely eat meat that isn't summoned from one of these plates, as they find the act of killing an animal to eat distasteful.

Each plate can only summon food once per night, and the food must be eaten in the vicinity of the platter, any food brought too far away from the platter will vanish. If the food is eaten it provides normal sustenance, and is very delicious. The more expensive and well-crafted the platter, the better tasting the food.

It is rare for a non-elf to carry one of these plates, and if one were to come into legitimate possession of one, they could count themselves among the elf-friends.

Bloody Quill of the Imposter

Wondrous item, rare

This is the perfect item for the sneaky fraudster, blackmailer, or imposter. It appears to be an intricate but normal looking quill pen, but when blood is placed in the ink well, it allows the writer to perfectly impersonate the person from whom the blood belongs. 

The quill will not only perfectly impersonate the handwriting of the victim, but also the mannerism in which they talk, including but not limited to any spelling mistakes they tend to make, any colloquialisms they frequently use, or any other way that a reader could identify the author. The blood is changed to the appearance of whatever ink the victim usually uses.

The user of the quill still has complete control over what is written, but writing in the hand and voice of the victim seems completely natural while using the quill and blood ink. The victim would even find themselves questioning whether they wrote anything that was written by this pen, and magical means would be required to determine the forgery.