Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday NPC - Brother Tiggin

This week's Friday NPC is Brother Tiggin, who is based on a faction created by R.A. Salvatore for the book Sojourn (which is part of the quite enjoyable Legend of Drizzt series. If interested start at Book 1: Homeland)

This faction is known as the Weeping Friars, a religious faction of monks whose primary belief is that there is a finite amount of pain and suffering in the world. The monks do what they can to take as much of this suffering for themselves as they can, so that, in their minds at least, it prevents others from having to suffer.

The Weeping Friars are often found travelling the world accepting punishment and suffering wherever they go. They often ask for donations in return for their suffering, but will often do it for free. Donations are just as likely to take the place of alcohol as money.

Few take the Weeping Friars seriously, and many rougher sorts will take pleasure in throwing glassware and rotten vegetables at them, if not entirely physically assaulting them.

Brother Tiggin, our NPC of the week is slightly different the average Weeping Friar. He has a great talent for entrepreneurial ventures (which he likely gets from his father, who convinced the Weeping Friars to pay for Tiggin as a new recruit when he was a young boy).

Tiggin wants to create more organization within the Friars, with ranks and paygrades. Instead of working for donations he wants to move to price lists and cost structures, based on the degree of suffering. Ideally Tiggin thinks much more suffering could be kept from the masses if he earned enough money to outsource instead of taking on the suffering himself.

Besides the ideological differences in how to suffer to save the world, Brother Tiggin is definitely a true-believer in the idea of finite suffering in the world, and that the world can be made a better place by having people purposefully taking on suffering.