Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Non-Combat Magical Item - Mirror of Shan'ful

Mirror of Shan'ful

Wondrous item, mythical

The Mirror of Shan'ful was created by a cult of warrior priestesses in the age of the goddess. Their leader, Shan'ful, was believed to be the living embodiment of femininity. The cult was unyielding in their belief that men were inferior to women, and that Shan'ful should rule all of the inferior cities of men.

The cultists were conquer a city, and place Shan'ful on the throne. However, a problem arose as their conquests grew, Shan'ful was their ruler but also their most powerful warrior. It was impossible for her to asset her rule in all of the cities as well as be present on the front line of her war party. 

One year the spring equinox landed on a full moon, an exceptionally holy day to Shan'ful's cult. Aided by the increase in her power, Shan'ful created a large circular mirror, the Mirror of Shan'ful. She placed this mirror behind the throne of her largest city. The mirror allowed her to create an avatar, sitting directly in front of the mirror, so that she may rule from the battle lines. 

Every full moon, another mirror could be pulled from the Mirror of Shan'ful, an exact duplicate, attuned to her in the same way as the original. In this way she obtained more mirrors to place in her capitals. The avatars were unable to leave the vicinity of the mirror, but her subjects did not know that. They lacked all of her power, but were completely controlled by her. She could speak from each avatar independently, meaning she could be in the depths of combat in her primary form, while enacting a law in one city, and sending a prisoner to the gallows in another. 

Unfortunately the cultists eventually spread their armies too thin, a neighboring colony of dwarves tunneled into her capitals and usurped her thrones. She was slain in the final battle, all of her duplicate mirrors disappeared, although some say her soul still exists within the original Mirror of Shan'ful.

How to Use

The Mirror of Shan'ful is a one-of-a-kind magic item. When someone attunes to it they may pull duplicates out of the mirror on the full moon. All avatars are controlled by the character, but concentration is unnecessary. Each avatar is as easy to control as a limb. All knowledge is shared between the avatars and the original. 

Some say the soul of Shan'ful still exists within the mirror, she despises the concept of a man using her mirror, and may attempt to seek control of the avatars. This is a secret Wisdom saving throw of DC 5x, (where x is the number of mirrors currently in use) that occurs on each full moon. If the saving throw is failed, Shan'ful takes control of one avatar (the newest created), she attempts to secretly use the rule of the avatar to obtain the other mirrors and capture the user. If one mirror is controlled by Shan'ful then the saving throw is done at a disadvantage. If the original mirror is controlled by Shan'ful, (meaning all of the mirrors have been taken over) she returns to life, and the original user must pass a DC 15 wisdom saving throw or become possessed by Shan'ful. 

The Mirror of Shan'ful may be used to run a shop or a store, rule a kingdom or city, maintain a presence at a guildhall, or many other things. The soul of Shan'ful's presence in the mirror is optional, at DMs discretion, and the players shouldn't know about it, unless they hear rumours of the history of the mirror. If the full moon were to land on the Spring Equinox while the mirror is in use, then that may trigger Shan'ful to attempt to take over the mirrors. 

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