Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Non-Combat Magical Item - Throne of Bagduul

Throne of Bagduul

Wondrous Item, Mythical

The Throne of Bagduul is a one of a kind item. This throne, for hundreds of years, allowed kings and queens to rule their subjects with ease.

Anyone sitting in the chair gets advantage on all Charisma checks, as well as gaining a +5 any Charisma modifier. Any persuasion or intimidation checks that fail by less than 5 leave the other party confused, allowing time for another Charisma check.

Many rulers would grow scared of leaving the throne, rightfully realizing that it was the source of all of their power. They were right to be suspicious, as most of them had secured their rule by stealing the chair from their predecessor. Sitting in the chair while the previous ruler had been temporarily away, then declaring them an imposter when they return.

No one is quite sure where the throne exists now. Many suspect the throne exists under their current leader, but this is often just peasant gossip, excusing an unpopular monarch. 

In reality the throne doesn't exist under the buttocks of royalty at all. An old, ratty blanket has been draped over it, and it is the possession of a suspiciously profitable trader dwarf named Louchi. 

Louchi doesn't know what he has, just that it appears valuable and is quite comfortable. He credits his recent success with shrewd business skills. Louchi is many things, but a skilled businessman he is not, but with the aid of the chair he is able to close nearly any deal, even if it is obviously unprofitable for all other parties.

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