Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Roll Table #4 - Quirky Villages

So following our short hiatus we are returning to our normal posting schedule with a roll table. This week, quirky villages:

d10Quirky Village
1Lannercost - A small mining village with a terrible secret. A year ago a deadly disease spread through the town, killing 90% of its inhabitants. Survivors were left crippled and unable to work. The town is very remote and profits from the mine were required to ship in food and the medicine required for the survivors. One of the survivors was a necromancer named Peln, now the mayor of this town, he kept the mine running by animating the corpses of those who fell to the disease. The townspeople are very ashamed of this, and strive to keep it a secret from any visitors, which is difficult because it is obvious that grueling physical labour would be impossible for any of the villagers.
2Solaris - A town of crazed sun worshippers. Teenage boys, on the day they become a man must stand out in the sun and pray. The unworthy are burned by the sun, killed where they stand, or so the townspeople believe. In reality a sorcerer hermit on a nearby hill takes pleasure in tricking the town. Killing teenagers at random.
3Sutton - This village exists far from a major road, and rarely sees visitors. Everyone in the town is human, and they haven't had a non-human visitor in generations. They long to see an elf or a dwarf and would treat any who entered their town better than a king.
4Woodpine - This incredibly small hamlet consists of a large inn, and some surrounding farms. The innkeeper/mayor is very charismatic and seemingly kind-hearted. He will offer to lock valuables in a safe for anyone staying at his inn, but then steal the items in the night and hide out in a nearby barn, waiting for the visitors to give up and leave town.
5Downwich - This town of halflings, dwarves, and gnomes have built their buildings with shorter ceilings and entrances than most races would be comfortable with. All chairs, beds, and tables are also built with their smaller stature in mind. The townspeople are ill-tempered towards anyone over five feet tall.
6Addersfield - This lucky village hasn't had any trouble with monsters or calamity in generations. Adventurers pass by frequently, telling their tales of glory in the local tavern, but the villagers are all very skeptical, assuming adventurers to just be liars and exaggerators.
7Oldham - An incredibly spiritual town, Oldham has hundreds of books of prophecy, predicting the future of the town. Every citizen knows the prophecies by heart. Many outsiders doubt the legitimacy of the prophecies, blaming some ancestor of the town making up stories for attention. The sheer number of prophecies means that nearly anything out of the ordinary seems to fit one or the other of the vague predictions. Especially the entrance of a group of adventurers.
8Westray - All of the adults of this town have mysteriously vanished. Children work the farms and shops, and refuse to answer any questions about where the adults are.
9Berxley - This fishing village is interested in one thing and one thing only, fish. They will attempt to turn any conversation into one about fish. Stories about glory and battle by adventurers passing through the town are usually countered with a firm, "That isn't anything impressive, last week Gaustin caught a pickerel that was as big as my leg".
10Lemontree - The mayor of this town is thought to be a powerful wizard, who tamed the once rugged, dangerous town with his strong magic. In reality he is a charlatan, using simple tricks of the light, pulleys, and invention to trick the town into thinking he is a powerful wizard. His intentions are noble though, the town was one a very dangerous place, and he was able to drive out the criminals, and keep the citizens from getting into trouble out of fear.