Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Non-Combat Magical Item #3 - Lessiroth's Amulet of Beauty Sleep

Lessiroth's Amulet of Beauty Sleep 

Wondrous item, rare

Eons ago there was a wealthy human lady who was quite the socialite named Lessiroth. Lessiroth was known for her immense beauty, and extravagant parties. Elves, dwarves, and humans would travel from across the land to attend her parties. All of the noble ladies were jealous of her good looks, especially the elves, who pride themselves on their beauty most of all. The elves would often tell Lessiroth that although she was beautiful now, she was human and those looks would quickly fade, while the elves would have their beauty eternally.

Lessiroth was terrified of eventually proving the spiteful elves right, so she sought out all of the best magical artificers in the land. One of whom, lost to history now, created this amulet.

Lessiroth's Amulet of Beauty Sleep allows the wearer to hold off aging when worn while sleeping. The amulet must be worn at all times, and in fact becomes very difficult to remove once worn. When the wearer goes to sleep they enter a very deep sleep, becoming near impossible to wake. The aging that would have occurred that day is prevented, and any major illnesses or ailments are cured. (Although missing body parts cannot be regrown.) This curing ability only work on a newly contracted illness, so if the amulet is worn only after symptoms begin to show it is already too late.

Wearing this amulet and entering the deep sleep allows one to put off aging indefinitely, potentially living forever. However if this amulet were to ever be removed, likely through magical means, the skipped years would immediately return, flash-aging the former wearer. Any illnesses or ailments that were cured by the amulet return as well.