Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Quick Tip - Describe Useless Info

This week for the Tuesday Quick Tip should seem obvious but it is something that lots of Dungeon Master's don't think of. Describing useless information.

If the first bridge you ever describe has a troll under it, if the only time you describe a lone man in an alley is when the man tries to assassinate the party, your players are eventually going to realize that everything you say is significant.

Obviously as Dungeon Masters everything we say is significant, but sometimes its important to throw in some useless information. For situation or setting, throw in some fluff that is totally useless. This is useful for two reasons. First it will acclimate your players to ignoring certain descriptions, making it easier to surprise them. Secondly, the unimportant descriptions may inspire may inspire an actual turn of events that you didn't plan during the preparation phase.

All of the really cool things my players have ever done have been by taking advantage of the setting in a way I didn't anticipate. If you describe some pretty fountains, trees, bridges, and buildings, you will be surprised in what clever ways your players are able to take advantage of them.