Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Adventure Inspiration - Cursed Sight

This Thursday's Adventure is more inspiration than a full-fledged adventure. Also I just want to reiterate that over the next couple of weeks there will likely be some missed blog posts as I get busy for my wedding. I'll try to update as much as possible, but thanks in advance for being understanding for any posts that I miss.

Cursed Sight

This is a really small concept blogpost but I hope that you can get inspiration to use in one of your campaigns.

Your party of adventurers in some way angers a magical being. A Hag, fiend, wizard, warlock or something of that nature, I'll choose a witch. The witch will escape the players, and at the last moment will curse them with cryptic parting words. "Treat me poorly to your woe, friend and foe, you'll never know!" or something along those lines.

The next interaction the players have will be entering some sort of settlement. The settlement seems devoid of all civilized life as they approach, and when they get closer they see it has become overrun with goblins and orcs. Many of them seem to be holding weapons, they refuse to communicate, even in their own languages, and will defend themselves if attacked. The fight is quite easy for the players, and they will likely make a first strike. 

The goblins and orcs are not as they seem. They are normal villagers, the curse caused them to see all friendly humanoids as evil, threatening humanoids. Anything they are holding appears more menacing, tools become weapons, food becomes human flesh. 

The party must try to discover the curse as quickly as possible, or risk murdering civilians. There will likely be consequences to their actions, and the witch may need to be sought out to end the curse, or a remove curse spell would need to be cast.