Wednesday, July 15, 2015


To the Master of Dungeons

What a humble title.

This is the first post of the ongoing blog about the art of Dungeon Mastery. I play the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons (and I highly recommend you do too, it is fantastic). However 90% of what I write here will be system-agnostic. I definitely prefer writing about flavor, inspiration, and ideas, than I do about complex multiclasses, homebrew enemies, or anything like that.

What To Expect (When you're expecting)

I plan to have short posts come up frequently. How frequently remains to be seen. Please comment and give feedback about what works for you and what doesn't and we can sort out the type of content that works. However, here is a list of the type of content that will be released in the foreseeable future.

  • Session Reports - Stories about games from the past. I'm interested in receiving reader submissions for these as well.
  • Non-Combat Magic Items - I am a huge fan of non-combat magic items. My players tend to be very skilled in combat, and while I give them the +1 shortsword that they so desire from time to time, I love to mix it up with items that aren't designed for combat. The name may be a little misleading, because although the items aren't designed for combat, many clever players are able to think of relevant combat situations for them. I find these items are a great way to make players feel like they live in a magical world, without turning them into unstoppable killing machines.
  • Adventure Concepts - Here I will layout adventure concepts that you can use at your table. These may be best suited for a full campaign, or something small to throw at your players while they travel from A to B.
  • NPC of the Week - Everyone loves Non-Player Characters. They're what make roleplaying fun and memorable. I will try to post at least one NPC a week that can be plopped straight into your game.
  • Random Roll Tables - What D&D blog would be complete without roll tables? We all love 'em, a little chance keeps things around the table fresh.
This isn't a comprehensive list. Hopefully some of you reading this stick around and check out what we have in store for the future of the Master of Dungeons.

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