Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Roll Table #2 - Traveling Across the Countryside

This is the first post of our new Post Schedule, and its a Roll Table. This roll table is for when your party is traveling through the countryside and you need some sort of encounter or situation to throw at them.

This is a d10 roll, because I think d20 is a little big for a weekly roll table, since most of the rows won't even be used.

d10Encounter in the Countryside
1Douglas, a Troll hiding under a bridge, demands that anyone who wishes to cross must first answer a riddle. Those who cannot answer, will be eaten. The riddle is: "In the night, when no one sees, what comes out from this bridge and pees?" The answer is a troll, or himself. He is quite amazed if anyone says the correct answer, and begrudgingly lets them and any companions go freely.
2A frog sits in the middle of the road. When anyone approaches, it says: "I've been cursed! I beseech you, I seek a kiss from any of you. One kiss and I shall transform into my true form, a beautiful [prince/princess]". If kissed the frog does indeed transform, but into the noble heir to a faraway lizardfolk kingdom.
3One owlbear, five giant owls, and three brown bears stand in a triangle. After a few minutes of intense staring, each species tries to kill the others. Any creatures who notice any observers will turn and attack with a crazed blood-lust.
4Copies of the Player Characters approach on the road from the opposite direction. They've accidentally stepped through a portal from the Meer Universe (View the previous post for more inspiration on creating a Meer Universe party). Each copy is the polar opposite in at least one characteristic (motivation, bond, alignment). They may choose to destroy the party, be frightened of them, investigate or many other things, but certainly will react differently than the players. Their stats are the same as the players'.
5Smoke pillars off in the distance, indicating a large forest fire deep in a thick, dark woods. If any kind strangers choose to investigate they may stumble upon a village of wood elves struggling to save all of their children and belongs, an elderly forest gnome stuck under a burning, fallen tree, or countless animals trying to survive.
6Three gnomes in a long jacket trying desperately to pass themselves off as one normal human man stand in the distance. A very easy perception check discovers their true nature. They are standing in the middle of a field, somewhat near a road, swaying back and forth trying to keep their balance.
7Cheering and whistling is heard from the other side of a small hill that runs along the road. On the other side of the hill is a small pond. On the side of the pond are three young children, two boys and a girl. The children all have tattered clothes, tangled hair, missing teeth, and giant smiles. They're watching a fat older man, their father, wrestle two large alligators in the pond.
8Three brothers lead ten men and ten women of various races, all chain-bound and gagged. If asked the brothers say this is a prisoner transfer between towns. In reality, they are slavers transporting their cargo.
9The area under the exposed roots of a nearby tree seems to glow with a golden glow. If anyone touches or investigates it, they will discover that it is a doorway to the Feywild, or a similar plane. This door is permanent, stable in both directions, and known by very few.
10Bartholomew's Traveling Circus passes in the opposite direction. Strange animals, scary freaks, jugglers, clowns and other performers stare from their positions on horses, the roof, or out of windows. None of them say a word.