Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday NPC of the Week #1 - Jed Cornhusk

For the first NPC of the week, we have a character that some of you may have seen in last week's Saturday Grab Bag, about Torm's Holy Arena. Jed Cornhusk.

I built Jed as I would a player character, but I've presented his stats like a monster for ease of use. I'll show his stats first and then we can go into Jed's motivation and personality.

Jed Cornhusk is the equivalent of a level 6 fighter. He doesn't believe in the use of weapons or magic, he greatly prefers to run into combat, grapple (or "wrassle" as he refers to it) any enemies. Once he has an enemy grappled, he proceeds to punch them in the face until they pass out, surrender, or die.

Mr. Cornhusk was born in the swampy wilderness, far from civilization. Raised by his seven older brothers, he had to quickly learn how to defend himself. He doesn't have much in the way of book smarts, but he makes up for it by being great in a bar fight, or wrestling ring. His hobbies include: wrestling alligators, bar fights, wrestling orcs, tavern brawls, wrestling goblins, and tap dancing. He speaks with a heavy southern drawl, and is dismissed (probably rightfully so) by many to be an ignorant hick.

Jed's most defining qualities are also his worst. He believes that humans are the only goodly race, and that elves, halflings, dwarves, and all of the other races are just as bad as orcs and goblins. He will discuss openly how humans are better than all other races, which would get him into trouble if he wasn't such a fantastic wrestler.

The only thing Jed hates more than a non-human, is a half-human. Half-orcs, half-elves, tieflings and anything with mixed human blood makes him incredibly angry. He starts to go off about race-traitors and mudbloods.

Jed is a sorry excuse for a human, but he is Master of Dungeons NPC of the Week. Let me know in the comments if you use him in any of your campaigns, or any adaptation of him.

One idea I had that didn't make it into this week's post, was to multiclass Jed into a rogue. He currently doesn't do much damage, but he hits very consistently, especially with his high attack modifier, and advantage from grappling. Since he can get advantage so easily, the sneak attack from a rogue would be very beneficial.