Thursday, April 28, 2016

Helpful Online Tools #5 - Dungeon Edition

I've mentioned before how much I love online tools. In fact I have four previous blog posts (Saturday Grab Bag - 3 Online ToolsSaturday Grab Bag - Online Tools #2Saturday Grab Bag - Online Tools #3, and Helpful Online Tools #4) detailing many tools that I use personally to prepare for my campaigns. Lately I have been trying to incorporate more dungeons in my games, so in honour of that here are three online tools that are great for creating a dungeon.

Paratime Design - Creative Commons Licensed B&W Dungeon Maps

This website compiles 133 black and white dungeon maps created by Tim Hartin and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution. They're fine to use as long as you aren't trying to make any money from them, and you attribute them back to Tim Hartin. These maps really fit my style of dungeon play. They are essentially devoid of themeing, meaning they can be plugged into nearly any campaign. I would highly suggest printing a few of these off in case you need a quick dungeon at your table.

donjon - 5e Random Dungeon Generator

I have mentioned donjon before, but it is worth repeating because of how many incredibly useful tools they have. This tool, as well as other tools for other versions of D&D (or a more generic, rules agnostic) is a wonderful tool for generating full dungeons at the click of a button. Fill out some simple information like size, shape, character level, and party size, and it generates a fully-fledged dungeon complete with map, wandering monsters, traps and treasure.

Dave's Mapper

Many dungeon tools create maps that feel somewhat sterile, using the basic functionality of the Dungeon Master's Guide to create a functional map. While that can be helpful, Dave's Mapper solves this problem by using real, hand-drawn maps. These maps are broken into segments and randomly thrown together, connecting doors and hallways, to create a map that is more interesting than the sum of it's parts. Each segment can easily be rotated, moved around, or replaced, making it customizable in a way our other two tools lack. If you are to take anything away from this blog post, it should be that Dave's Mapper should be added to your campaign-planning arsenal, in order to become a true Master of Dungeons.