Friday, April 22, 2016

Non-Combat Magical Item - Universal Registrar

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Universal Registrar

Wondrous item, Legendary

A Universal Registrar exists for each plane, and demi-plane in the multiverse. This large, yet not unwieldy, tome contains the recorded birth and death dates of every sentient, named, being in the realms. It is kept in chronological order, grouped into two sections, one for deaths and another for births. It is updated in real time, as beings are born and killed.

Although the number of births and deaths throughout the ages reaches near uncountable on many planes, the book is always the size of a fairly large textbook, and someone who is attuned to the book can find the names and dates of whoever they are looking for fairly quickly. Scholars are unsure of how this works, as the pages do not turn automatically, nor appear to change in contents or appearance.

The tome is unable to leave the plane of it's origin. If it is destroyed it will appear elsewhere in the plane.

The deaths and births appear immediately as they happen, but do not appear before that, meaning the book cannot be used to make predictions about the future. Children born without a name will be written in the book upon being named. If no name is given before their death, they will never appear in the book.

A small group of cultists have devoted their lives to the book. They are all purchased as slaves before birth from pregnant mothers who are instructed to never name the child. They are often employed by the wealthy to confirm the deaths of enemies, allies, and political rivals. Bounty Hunters and Assassins also sometimes purchase notarized certificates to present to their employers to prove that a kill has been accomplished in cases where a body cannot be transported.