Monday, November 16, 2015

Non-Combat Magical Item Deck

Hello all, it has been a while since the last blog post. I've gotten married, gone on a honeymoon and dealt with real estate agents and lawyers to buy a house. I should have had more blog posts in the bank to post the past few weeks but I hope to be back now.

To celebrate the return of normal blog-posting (hopefully) of Master Of Dungeons blog, we have released our first commercial product. This product is somewhat of a test. There is no money in the Master Of Dungeons coffers, so there is no fancy artwork to speak of. However we believe that this product will improve your time at your table, regardless of what edition or game that you play.

The Master Of Dungeons Non-Combat Magical Item Deck

After reviewing the fantastic Encounter Decks 3 we realized the benefit of using physical printed cards at the table. They don't take up very much space, are easily shuffled and randomized, and they can be split up easily, even given to a player as a handout if necessary.

Master of Dungeons has had the ongoing series called Non-Combat Magical Items since our inception. For those of you unfamiliar with the blog, or those who need an update, we define non-combat magical items as items that aren't specifically created with combat in mind. Non-combat magical items can be used in combat by a crafty player, anything can be turned into a makeshift weapon and these are no different. The DM shouldn't limit the creativity of the players. Non-combat magical items however, are not typically weapons or armour, so they don't have stats for damage or armour. If this becomes necessary in some way a DM should be able to figure out what to give it.

In 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, the introduction of "bounded accuracy" means that players shouldn't be given loads and loads of +3 weapons and armour. Otherwise, they may become incredibly overpowered. It still seems like most blogs and even the Dungeon Master's Guide itself focus on weapons and armour. Players still thirst for magical items, but that doesn't mean we should overpower our players, what we need is a new class of weapon: Non-Combat Magical Items.

Now that you've been primed on what Non-Combat means here at Master of Dungeons, lets get to the cards. The product, Non-Combat Magical Items Deck contains 32 different Non-Combat magical items. A huge increase over the 10 or so that have been posted on this blog. 

Since the items are contained in a physical deck of cards, they can easily be given to a player when they receive the item, allowing easier item management. They can be shuffled instead of using a roll table, and they can be mixed in with any potential future decks put out by Master of Dungeons (which will only happen if this one is successful).

Enough jibber jabber. Lets get to the 4 free cards to give you a taste of the deck. 

I would super appreciate anyone picking these up. Head on over to DriveThruRPG if you're interested. They will sell for $7.98 but for the first week it will be on sale for $5.99