Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Master of Dungeons Blog just released a deck of cards based of our ongoing series of Non-Combat Magical Items. The deck is available here at DriveThruRPG. It is currently on sale for $5.99, but only for a few more days before it goes up to $7.98. If you want to support Master Of Dungeons, or just want a unique but cheap Christmas present, then I encourage you to check it out. 


Flaws are what make any role-playing character unique. Players and NPCs can and should both have flaws. No one is perfect (unless you're making a Mary-Sue), and that is why I think all characters should be created with a flaw. Flaws give your character depth, and prevent only min-maxing. If real people have flaws shouldn't your characters?

Some flaws are better than others, if you want a very severe flaw you could try something like playing a blind character, who has heightened sense of smell and hearing, but would be disadvantaged at many types of dexterity check. Perhaps an amputee who can move slowly and easily get knocked down. Flaws create great role-playing opportunities, and while they don't usually make your character stronger, they can make the game more interesting and your characters more real.

Here are ten flaws that you can either roll from, or use as inspiration:
  1. Racist - Against any particular race (dwarves, elves, humans, half-breeds), or all other races. 
  2. Alcoholic - Can't stop himself when it comes to drinking. Skill checks and saving throws may become disadvantaged, not to mention any embarrassing situations they are placed in.
  3. Shy - Can't talk to strangers, may start to stammer or go silent entirely. Alternatively the character might be shy just towards a specific gender.
  4. Cultist - A member of an obscure cult, with many practices and beliefs that may be abhorrent to the average person.
  5. Easily Scared - New things easily scare this character. They like their normal routine, and anything out of the ordinary can send them running for the hills.
  6. Bleeding Heart - A kind soul is usually a positive characteristic, but in some people it's over-the-top. This character has to stop and help anyone in need, making it incredibly difficult to accomplish anything. The most minor problems with even the least empathetic stranger can cause this character to drop everything to help them out.
  7. Hypochondriac - Adventuring can be a dangerous life, but usually not for the reasons this character thinks. Hypochondriacs rush to the nearest doctor or cleric with every minor scratch and bruise. Even a slightly rude look from an old woman will leave them believing they been cursed.
  8. Lazy - This character is completely content to stay in the castle or caravan. It is hard to convince them to get their armour on and start adventuring.
  9. Doesn't Speak Common - Many adventurers have a knack for picking up languages, but not always. This character doesn't speak common, and most likely only speaks the language they were born speaking. Communication will be very difficult.
  10. Greedy - This character can never have enough money. Everything that they can get their hands on has value to them, and it is difficult to get them to spend even the most modest amount of it.
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Master of Dungeons has recently put out a deck of cards containing 32 Non-Combat Magical Items, inspired by the ten or so that have been posted on this blog. They are available here at DriveThruRPG. They are on sale for $5.99 for two or three days more only and it would go a long way to supporting an independent blog. I'll be able to create much more content if I can raise some funds from this, maybe even hire an artist. (And to be honest, there haven't really been many sales and it is a little discouraging.)