Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Review - NPC Portraits Deck - Fantasy By Inkwell Ideas

A few days ago Master of Dungeons reviewed the absolutely amazing Encounter Decks 3 by Inkwell Ideas. (Check out the blog post here). If you missed it, the short version is the deck is amazing and everyone should go out and buy it to add to their table. This week I'm reviewing another product by Inkwell Ideas, (clearly they have some smart writers over there).

NPC Portraits Deck - Fantasy is another amazing product by Inkwell Ideas. At my table I tend to improvise a lot, but sometime that leaves flat and boring NPCs. These cards are the cure for that. Not only does it include 56 fully-rounded characters, each with their own write up for stats, strengths, personality, quirks, distinguishing features, possessions, background or any collection of things, but it includes a portrait for each character.

My players are definitely visual people. Sadly I don't have an artistic bone in my body, and my printer is broken. I always struggle to make the game for visual for them, often giving up entirely. This deck is worth it in my opinion just for the portraits, or the characters. The fact that it includes both makes it a must buy.

You obviously don't need to use the stats if you don't want, or you can adjust them to meet your needs, but they seem very well-written from what I've used so far. The pictures themselves have really improved my games so far, helping my players imagine certain NPCs that they are talking to.

If you could only afford one of the products by Inkwell Ideas, I would still recommend Encounter Decks 3, it is absolutely amazing. But if you're placing an order with DriveThruRPG and want to minimize your shipping costs per purchase, than I'd suggest tacking on NPC Portraits Deck - Fantasy as well.