Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Non-Combat Magical Item - Mesmer's Anti-Teleportation Shield

Mesmer's Anti-Teleportation Shield was created by dozens of wizardry grad students funded by Vlad Mesmer, a wealthy Wood Elf caravan owner. Mesmer caravans and shipping fleets provide food, goods, and personal transportation to over three quarters of human cities for thousands of miles.

With the increase in popularity of teleportation and planar shifting, monarchs, fascists, elected leaders and the mortal avatars of snake gods that rule the human cities were becoming frustrated with the lack of control they had over who came and went through their borders and cities. What good was a city guard or highway toll booth when every jock with a magic ring or bush wizard could just say an incantation and appear miles away. The risks to national security were great, not to mention losses in tariff revenue.

Mesmer was fed up for different reasons than his nation ruling counterparts. Mesmer's bread and butter was long distance caravan transportation of goods for merchants, now more often than not merchants were opting to pay a premium to have a young wizard straight out of college magically transport their goods. They were able to transport instantaneously, with no risk of theft or damage, bypassing all import and export taxes, while often charging less than traditional transport, (which Mesmer accredited to modern Wizard schools lowering the number of mandatory business classes).

Mesmer's Anti-Teleportation Shield was pitched as a way to increase tax revenue and national security by increasing control of the borders. An added benefit was that it returned Mesmer's transportation company to the top spot. The device is quite simple, coming in many sizes and price ranges. Shaped like a small pyramid, around five feet squared at the base, the device emits a powerful magic shield, that reaches out in a dome away from the pyramid. Smaller models range about 100 feet from the device, while the largest, most expensive range around 10 miles. The invisible shield prevents all teleportation, planar travel, and communication through the shield.

The dome isn't necessarily spherical in shape, reaching quite high into the sky. As an added benefit, (or negative depending on who you are) the shield often interrupts teleportation that is targeted nowhere near the dome, but who's magical energy passes through the dome, as teleportation usually occurs in a straight line between origin and destination. Many teleporters may find themselves severely inconvenienced, expecting to find themselves at the party of the century on the island of Bul'toa, instead materializing in the slums outside the city walls of the Metropolis of the Snake Gods.

Some unethical highway brigands have even modified Mesmer's Anti-Teleportation Shields to act as a sort of net, allowing them to easily rob the unsuspecting, and likely wealthy, wizard who is teleporting by.

Prices vary for the shields, depending on the size, order quantity, and how much Mesmer's transportation company stands to profit from increased trade. 

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